The Virus That Killed 10 People in Greece is on The Turkish Border!

West Nile Virus, one of the most disturbing viruses in the world, reached the Turkish border and caused 11 people to die in Greece. The virus, which kills 1 in 10 people in Greece, creates great fear as it has no specific symptoms. The world community, which had a difficult time due to the coronavirus and monkey disease, has now started to struggle with new diseases. The resurgence of the West Nile Virus, which swept the world in the past, has caused panic. The virüs, which has caused the death of 11 people in Greece so far, has also reached the borders of Turkey.


Warning to Turkey

‘Be careful’ warning was given to the Turkish side due to the viruü. Stating that the possibility of transmission of thevirus through flies has increased in Turkey, experts recommended to stay away from places such as swamps, especially on the Aegean side, just in case.

The really frightening detail about West Nile Virus has to do with the symptom. Because after West Nile Virus enters the body, instead of giving its own symptoms, it gives the symptoms of flu infection that almost everyone experiences. This makes it difficult to distinguish the disease.


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