The Top Country In The Number Of Foreign Brides Has Changed!

While 3,716 Uzbek women got married in Turkey last year, Uzbek brides surpassed Syrians in this field and came out on top.

According to data compiled by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), the number of foreign grooms in marriages in Turkey last year was 6,345 and the number of foreign brides was 31,29.

When analyzed by nationality, the increase in the number of Uzbek brides after 2014 attracted attention. While 560 Uzbek women married in Turkey in 2014, this number increased to 3,716 as of last year. Thus, Uzbeks surpassed Syrians (3,519), who have been in the first place in this field since 2015, and took the top spot.

Following Uzbeks and Syrians, women from Azerbaijan (2,818), Russia (2,339) and Germany (2,243) came to the forefront as the most married foreign brides in Turkey in 2023.

Germans Are In The First Place In Foreign Grooms

Since 2009, when this dataset was first released, Germans have been in the first place in the number of foreign men getting married in Turkey.

As of 2023, the number of German men married in Turkey was 1387, followed by men from Syria (1219), Austria (326), Afghanistan (316) and Azerbaijan (254).

The Number Of Foreign Women And Men Married In Turkey As Of 2023 Is As Follows:

Nationality Female
Uzbekistan 3,716
Syria 3,519
Azerbaijan 2,818
Russia 2,339
Germany 2,243
Nationality Male
Germany 1,387
Syria 1,219
Austria 326
Afghanistan 316
Azerbaijan 254

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