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The Rusty Globe That Alarmed Japan!

A round object that washed up on the shore in Japan became a hot topic both in the country and in the world. In the studies, it was not determined exactly what the object was, which was determined to be empty.

A mysterious metal sphere has been found on the beach of Hamamatsu city in Japan’s prefecture. In the incident that alarmed the authorities, the security forces, who were informed that a sphere with a diameter of about 1.5 meters was seen on the beach, dispatched a bomb disposal team to the region on suspicion of mines.


Using X-ray technology, experts determined that the metal sphere was hollow and did not pose a risk of explosion. A detailed investigation was launched to determine what the object was and how it reached the area.

Authorities insist that the globe was hung on something else by means of a buoy and somehow broke off and came to the beach. A resident of the region, who made statements on the subject, stated that the mysterious ball had been on the beach for 1 month.


On the other hand, the incident became a worldwide agenda. Some users on social media claimed that the mysterious ball looked like something from the popular manga series Dragon Ball, while others claimed it was a UFO falling from the sky.

On the other hand, in another dimension of the work, it was discussed that the object was a spy balloon. The mysterious orb in question came to light soon after Japan said several Chinese spy balloons had been spotted on its territory in recent years.

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