The Rotating House in Rize Surprises Those Who See It!

The Rotating House in Rize Surprises Those Who See It!

Those who saw the revolving house built by a citizen named Cemil Eksilmez living in the Ardeşen district of Rize were stunned. The house, which attracts great attention on social media, can be returned with a single click. There is also demand from abroad for the house to be mass-produced.

Those who learn the strangeness of the house, which is located on the Fırtına Valley road in Rize’s Ardeşen district, astonishing with its exterior architecture, cannot hide their astonishment. After the house of Bilal Atasoy, who died at the age of 93 in Güneli village of Güneysu district, was blown away by the speed of the wind, this time a citizen named Cemal Eksilmez, who was dealing with construction and contracting works in Ardeşen, went out on the street. The county built a house that can turn with a single button.

Rotating House

The house, which is watched with amazement by those who see it, draws attention on social media. The revolving house, which will begin mass production in the near future, even receives demand from abroad.


Rotating House

Saying that the patent process for the house has begun, Cemil Eksilmez said, “We need to turn our house to the sun when we are on the shadow side. This house is a rotating house but a house that can rotate. We can turn the house against the view or the sun whenever we want. Here we sometimes get criticism. They say what do we do when we pray. We accepted it. “The system we have established is completely in line with European standards. We have obtained all the necessary documents. The patent phase will be completed in our house soon,” he said.

Rotating House


Pointing out that there is a high demand for the residence from abroad, Eksilmez said, “The phone traffic has increased partially with a few posts in the last 2 months of our 8-month work. There is also a demand from our close neighbor Georgia. Very good demand from Canada. A firm from England wants to meet with us. We were excited to encounter something like this last month. The situation that excited us was actually for our country. We did not expect that such a house would attract attention. We are also thinking about how we can respond to the interest in this process. We are preparing ourselves for mass production in March or April. We also have projects,” he said.

Rotating House

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