The Populist Bomontiada, a Place for True Connoisseurs

If you have ever been to St. Petersburg, then this place will cause you nostalgic feelings, because its space is very close in atmosphere to the old St. Petersburg bars. The Populist Bomontiada is a famous Istanbul pub where you can enjoy the taste of real craft beer.

It is worth noting that relations with the well-known foam drink in this country are complicated. Turkish citizens certainly love beer, but they don’t really know how to cook it, and they are in no hurry to learn it. That’s why Bomontiada is so popular in this city. This is almost the only cafe where you can taste really good and high-quality beer. However, do not rush to get upset if you are not a fan of this drink. Because Bomontiada is not just a cafe, exhibitions of contemporary art are often held on its territory, young Istanbul startups gather and concerts of such music that is not traditional for Turkish people, such as jazz, are arranged. Perhaps this is the most popular cultural hangout place in Istanbul that you just need to visit.

Bomontiada is located on the territory of the former headquarters of the Bomonti beer factory, which was built many years ago by two Beaumonti brothers from Switzerland. They were the first to brew this drink in the Ottoman Empire, so you can often hear the first toast in honor of these brothers in this institution.

This historic brewery in the Beaumont area has undergone a complete renovation and has turned into a Bomontiada, a huge complex full of restaurants, shops, art galleries and concert halls. This place will leave a lot of impressions and memories about itself. Immediately at the entrance, the modern design of the facade of the former brewery catches the eye. Bomontiada itself is located next to modern residential high-rises and the campus of the University of the Arts (Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Oiversitesi Bomonti). A large open area is reserved for cultural events, fashion shows, concerts, culinary festivals and much more, while inside it is full of various kinds of establishments. Here you can find not only an impressive concert venue, but also a photo gallery, three restaurants, a local gastronomic market and, in fact, a brewery.

There are a lot of types of draft beer available, there are such typical favorites as Red Ales, IPA and wheat beer, as well as some experimental brands such as Honey Pepper Ale. You will not stay hungry, because you can also buy snacks at the institution. The prices are very pleasant and affordable for every visitor.

So, if you are not only a lover of this drink, but also want to learn new interesting places in Istanbul, where you can enjoy the atmosphere and have a good time, then we advise you to look into The Populist Bomontiada.

Location:  Merkez, Tarihi Bomonti Bira Fabrikası, Birahane Sk. No: 1/D, 34381 Şişli/İstanbul

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