The Polish Family, Who Settled in Turkey, Where They Came for Vacation, Leads a Happy Life.

The Polish family, who came to Turkey for a holiday twice, settled in Bursa’s İnegöl district and contributes to orienteering.

50-year-old Pawel and 47-year-old Lilianna Biederman couple, who love orienteering very much, came to Alanya, Antalya, for summer vacation with their 4-year-old daughter Suzanna, about 5 months ago.

According to the news of AA, the couple, who set off to Turkey for a holiday after returning to their country, accepted the map drawing offer of the İnegöl Municipality orienteering team officials and settled in Bursa 2 months ago. their friends.

The family, who started to live in the facilities of İnegöl Nature Sports Tourism Center (DOSTUM) with the support of İnegöl Mayor Alper Taban, leads a happy life at their new address.


Pawel Biederman also stated that he did not know much about Turks before coming to Turkey.

Biederman said he knew they often went to Germany to work and had heard that Turkish kebab was delicious.

“When we came for the holiday, we couldn’t get far from the hotel because we were afraid to go out because of what we heard. The opposite of our concerns emerged. The reason for this prejudice is the European media. Turkish people are very helpful and good people. We don’t know what the people here are like. We know only from what we see in the media. But if anyone is wondering, go and go. Let him look and see. If it really is a place as it is called. Our opinion has changed a lot when we came and saw it. In fact, life is the same everywhere, just different from what we were told.”

Biederman emphasized that family ties are very strong in Turkey, unlike Europe.

Noting that they are very pleased with this, Biederman said, “We were like this 30 years ago, but our family structure has changed a lot. Turks have preserved their family structure, which is a very good thing. It is very nice to see this. It is still alive in Turkey.” made its assessment.

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