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The Mystery of the Sheep Turning for 288 Hours in China

The results of the health checks of sheep that have been returning non-stop for 288 hours at a farm in northern China have come out. Chinese media declared that there were no bacteria in the sheep that would cause them to turn. The event remains a mystery.

The fact that the sheep in the 13th barn of an animal farm with 34 barns belonging to a woman named Miao in northern China have been turning and circling for exactly 288 hours aroused great curiosity. While the attention of the world press focused on the region, it was claimed that the sheep exhibited this movement thanks to a bacteria.



According to a report in the Chinese press, the sheep in the 13th pen passed a health check. However, as a result of the control, bacteria and similar diseases were not found in the sheep. The fact that the health checks were clean made the event even more mysterious.


After the issue went viral on social media, many began to wonder why the sheep were spinning around. The work started by the teams to solve the incident continues.


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