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The Most Successful Branches of Turkey in Healthcare Field

Anatolian territories have hosted significant development in medicine field for ages. For instance, the first faculty of medicine in the World is Gevher Nesibe Madrassah which was constructed in Kayseri, 12th century by Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev I, emperor of Anatolian Seljuq Empire and quite successful treatment methods were implemented when compared to conditions of that period.

Of course, from 13 the century until today, many developments were recorded in healthcare field of Turkey. In company with the studies conducted recently, more quality health services are offered to citizens.

We can list the following as an example to structural developments:

  • Emergency services of private hospitals have been made free of charge to everyone.
  • Patients can get an appointment by phone or via internet from the physician they wish.
  • In addition to the ambulances using highway, maritime, air and motorized ambulances were also put into service.
  • With family physician application, one physician was allocated to each family.
  • Both working in state hospital and owning private clinic were prohibited for physicians. Thus, abuses under the name of “money for knife” were hindered.

Apart from these developments, it should be mentioned about success of Turkish physicians. Owing to presence of quality hospitals and successful physicians who are worldwide known especially in aesthetic surgery, eye diseases, cardiovascular surgery, dentistry, brain and nerve surgery fields, health tourism in Turkey is quite vibrant. Likewise, the attractive packages which cover accommodation, travel costs and operation fees for foreigners are also an efficient factor for preferring Turkey most.

Now look at some areas that Turkey has become successful in healthcare field:

Istanbul, Hair Transplantation Center of the World!

Hair transplantation is one of the most important branches of aesthetic surgery and dermatology. Turkey is at the central position of the World especially in hair transplantation area. Many people abroad lionise the cities like Ankara, Antalya, etc., İstanbul particularly in order to have a hair transplant. Experience of Turkish physicians in hair transplantation and making hair transplantation more economically in Turkey when compared to other countries lie behind this situation.

Turkey is the first in Eye Surgery

With average 40 thousand eye surgeries per year, Turkey is number one country of the World on eye diseases.

Since experience of physician is very significant in eye surgeries, successful physicians who do a duty in Turkey play big role for showing interest to Turkey by foreign   patients.

Furthermore, it should be told that quite economic service is rendered in eye surgeries.

Due to high technology, successful physicians and low cost, Turkey is in the lead position of the World at treatment and surgeries of eye disease.

Turkey is world’s number three in Cardiovascular Surgery

Very quality cardiovascular surgeons are available in Turkey. Especially in terms of treatment of cardiovascular diseases, Turkey takes third place after USA and Germany. Many people from the countries like France, England, Russia prefers health institutions in Turkey so as to be treated. In addition to this, the physicians who have been working in cardiovascular surgery also carry our studies in university hospitals to develop themselves.

Besides, Faculties of Medicine of Hacettepe, İstanbul, Ankara, Ege, Gazi universities are regularly ranked among best 1000 faculties of medicine across the World according to ranking made by University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP).

Turkey is ahead of Europe in Aesthetic Surgery

Turkey is at the level advanced more than many European countries in aesthetic area as well. In fact, in former years, people in Turkey went abroad for aesthetic operations. However, on account of both rearing of successful physicians and development of Technologies in hospitals, many people from many different countries like England, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden and Azerbaijan, etc. prefers Turkey to have an aesthetic operation.

Among the types of surgery people show most interest, face lift, abdomen lift, rejuvenating nose and skin, breast enlargement or reduction, correcting wrinkle and proplapse and hair transplantation may be mentioned.

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