The most mysterious place in turkey!

One of the most mysterious places in Turkey is located in Ankara. The underground city, built as the Commander-in-Chief’s Shelter, is surprising as it contains enough water and air for 300 people for 3 days. It is known that this underground city was designed for nuclear, chemical and biological attacks. There are more than one region in Turkey that makes the citizens curious. Among them, the most curious ones are known as Pluto Gate, Incirlik Air Base, Kurecik Shield, Kisecik Base, Chamber of the Deaf and the mysterious house in Tarsus.


The Health Of The High Commander Is Very Interested

One of the most curious places in our country is the Commander-in-Chief Shelter. The peak of the state on the battlefield has a special bunker for protection from nuclear and chemical weapons. The shelter, where the state officials who will lead the war, especially the President and the Chief of the General Staff, will take shelter, has been transformed into a war management center.


This place is immune to any nuclear missile. Here 300 people can live for days at a time. The shelter was built underground in Ankara. The shelter also draws attention with its hill view.


There Is Air To Accommodate 300 People For 3 Days

When there is a nuclear, chemical or biological attack, specially insulated doors are closed and contact with the outside world is cut off. Ventilation, on the other hand, works with a special filter system to prevent the entry of radioactive and chemical gases. Even if the ventilation system does not work, the water and air inside can be enough for 300 people for 3 days.


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