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Halil İbrahim Cahit Erdoğan, 80, living in Gümüşhane, does not sell any products left over from his father’s death in 1971 to keep his memory alive in the shop inherited from his father. Believing that he kept his father’s memory alive in this way, Erdoğan stated that those who could not find the product they wanted throughout the province in the past came directly to him, but this number decreased over time.

80-year-old Halil İbrahim Cahit Erdoğan, who lives in Gümüşhane, has not been selling any products left from his father’s shop since 1971 to keep his memory alive. 80-year-old Halil İbrahim Cahit Erdoğan, who wanted to keep the memory of his father, who has been a tradesman since 1936, alive in his traditional shop called “Bulamadım Çarşısı” on Atatürk Street in the city center, did not sell anything in Istanbul. shop since his father passed away.


Erdoğan, who opens his shop on certain days of the week but does not interfere with anything including the internal order and does not sell the products left over from that period, believes that he kept the memory of his father alive in this way. He said that the products will remain on the shelves until the end of their life.



Halil İbrahim Cahit Erdoğan (80) said that even the factory of most of the products in his shop called Bulama Çarşısı was closed and he did not sell the products because he could not find them again. We moved here. Even though others paid more than us, because they respected my father so much, they deemed this place worthy of my father. I have been in this profession since 1971. This is not my father’s. When my father was alive, I wanted to make this place look like a fancy shop, but my father fired me. I was going to replace windows.


He fired me. This is how it is today. I would decorate this place if I wanted to, but I can’t come. The materials found here are from that time. I am throwing out those who came here by knowing me, I say that I am entrusted to those who do not know me. If I sell these, how do I get a new one, I’m not selling. Whenever I see them, I go back to the old days. I’ll go on like this until I die, here I am not selling supplies. If I sell these, I won’t be able to find the same materials so I can buy them. Most of the products have disappeared from the market and have no factories. “This shop reminds me of our past,” he said.



“I couldn’t find the name of this place because people couldn’t find what they were looking for and they came here last,” Erdogan said.

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