The Most Important Paragliding Places in Turkey

Paragliding is an extreme sport type that was found in the early 1980s by a few people interested in air sports, allowing free parachutes to run off the slopes. The number of places made in Turkey paragliding quite a lot. The places where paragliding is done are very low elevation, but at the same time, there are outstanding addresses with great views. These places attracts adrenaline enthusiasts from around the world who love paragliding. We have listed these places for you.

1-Babadag- Fethiye

Fethiye is one of the first preferred addresses for paragliding. So much so that this is a place famous for paragliding. Its magnificent view convinces adrenaline-loving people to jump from meters high. The only thing you need to do is to enjoy the view by jumping with a professional teacher. An unforgettable beautiful view, an adrenaline-filled experience is experienced here. It is possible to jump from a height of 1969 meters in Fethiye. There are 3 separate paragliding jumping points in Babadağ. This is a place that hosts the International Air Games.

Paragliding in Babadağ, Fethiye

2-Çökelez Mountain

Located in Denizli, Çökelez Mountain is an ideal spot for those who want to do paragliding here. The newer paragliding location is 30 kilometers from the city center. The jumping point is at an altitude of 1650 meters. It can be the right place for a nice jumping experience and to discover the bird’s eye view of Pamukkale.


Kaş is a distinguished holiday destination in Antalya, a place where activities such as diving, canoeing, delta wing, and rock climbing are not only paragliding. It also has the most important nature sports track in the country. In the jumps made from Asas Hill, the people who will jump should be at least 35 and at most 110 kilos. The landings in paragliding are made to Kaş Harbor.

4-Mount Nemrut

Nemrut Mountain, which has a height of 2200 meters, is a very suitable address for people who want to do paragliding. Watching the historical textures from a bird’s eye view at the place where professional and amateur people jump offers a different experience. Training is also given here with paragliding courses. This address offers the view of Adıyaman and Şanlıurfa. Therefore, we can call it a number among the preferred places as a different address.

5-Alidag in Kayseri

The paragliding address in Talas district of Kayseri is one of the best places for semi-professional and professional people. Located at an altitude of 1750 meters, the jumping point is also close to the city center. This place, which hosted the World Paragliding Championship in 2004, will be a good option to experience parachute flying.

6-Munzur Mountains

The Munzur Mountains in Erzincan are one of the most beautiful places for paragliding. It can be preferred for all levels of paragliding athletes. It is 7 kilometers from Erzincan. Flights from 3250 meters above offer spectacular views for professionals. Amateur athletes can have a bird’s eye view of natural wonders from a height of 1300 meters. Since the region is completely flat, it is also easy to descend.

7-Dynamite Hill in Denizli

Although it is a place that appeals to beginner paragliding lovers, it is one of the most beautiful addresses for a beautiful jump and a place that offers great views. You can land on the slopes of the hill or on the helipad at the entrance to the travertines. Hierapolis, Laodikya Ancient City, Denizli City center, Denizli plain, Pamukkale travertines are available to you in the view of Dynamite Hill. When you jump, you will be able to easily see these places through the eyes of the birds.

8-İnönü C Hill

İnönü C Hill is located in our city of Eskişehir. It is also 36 kilometers from the city center. The point, which has a height of 230 meters, is used by masters and amateurs trained in paragliding.

9-Bozdağ Plateau in İzmir

Paragliding is done on the Akçakmak and Güldalan hills of Bozdağ Plateau in Ödemiş. Eseli Hill, 130 meters high, is a preferable address for beginners. It is one of the addresses that can be preferred for a beautiful jumping experience against the magnificent Izmir view.

Uçmakdere Village, Tekirdağ

10-Uçmakdere in Tekirdağ

Uçmakdere is a good address for adrenaline enthusiasts who will do paragliding. It is necessary to reach the jumping area at an altitude of 260 meters by car. This place, where you will be full of the view by feeling free like a bird, can be preferred in the paragliding experience.

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