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The Most Delicious and Popular Turkish Sweet: Baklava

You can talk about Turkish sweets endlessly and, most likely, even among Turkish people there is not a person who knows all the sweets of the vast Turkish culture. Speaking of desserts in Turkey, Turkish baklava immediately comes to the mind of any person, which, by right, is at the head of Turkish sweets. The word “baklava” comes from the Turkish phrase “bak, lava” – “look, sweet”, and its varieties have rather romantic names, such as “nightingale’s nest”, “sultan’s palace”, “ladies’ tummy”. There are more than a hundred different types of baklava in Turkey, which you can buy in theme stores, luxury bazaars, shops at the hotel and even make yourself!

There are a lot of famous restaurants in Turkey that produce baklava, but today we will talk about one of them – Karakoy Gulluoglu, which is located in Istanbul. If you ask the locals where the best baklava in the city is, they will undoubtedly answer that here. Tender, juicy and fresh products, that’s the motto of this restaurant. If you do not know the exact location, call the magic two words “Karakoy Gulluoglu” and any local will kindly show the direction. The pastry shop is visible from afar, it is located on the ground floor. The words “Subemız yoktur” are written in large letters at the entrance, which means “We do not have branches”. The restaurant is open from 7.00-24.00.

A bit of History

The confectionery “Karakoy Gulluoglu” was first opened in Istanbul in the Karakoy district back in 1820 by the confectioner Gulluoglu, after whom the famous baklava was named. For convenience, the restaurant has stands with information in different languages. Pastry chef Gulluoglu is the fifth in his generation pastry chef who specialized in baklava. They began the family history of their favorite dish already in the 18th century. The quality and traditions of cooking have been preserved from that time to this day. The world-famous baklava Gulluoglu is supplied all over the world, especially to Arab countries. We can also say that the quality of baklava is literally world-class, this is confirmed by the NASA organization. And not all companies have such a document.

Once inside, you will undoubtedly be confused by so many alluring sweet pieces. The showcase presents many types of baklava, special ice cream with the taste of baklava, baklava with ice cream, cold baklava and many other types. In addition to your favorite delicacy, you can see other interesting sweets. There is even a special dietary baklava, for diabetics, in which there is no sugar.

Prices for baklava are quite high, but it’s not a pity to spend money on such a dessert.. For 1 kg, an average of 200-400 tl. For convenience, you can always buy baklava and pack it in a box to give to your family and friends, or keep it for your morning tea.

We can only say one thing, we recommend visiting this place one of the first upon arrival in Istanbul, you will not find such a taste of Turkish delicacy anywhere.

Photos of Baklava

You can read this article in Russian language: Самая вкусная и популярная турецкая сладость – пахлава

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