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The Most Advanced Artificial Intelligence Model, GPT-4, Used on Microsoft Bing

The expanded partnership of Microsoft and OpenAI makes the two companies leaders in artificial intelligence. Microsoft said in a statement that GPT-4 has been used in Bing from the very beginning.

Microsoft is perhaps the most powerful company in the field of artificial intelligence. Microsoft, which added artificial intelligence to its Bing search engine long before Google, had deeply integrated the Chat window and the search engine. Now in a statement, Microsoft has announced that the new Bing has been using GPT-4 from the very beginning.

GPT-4 On Bing From The Beginning

When Microsoft released the new Bing, there were a lot of rumors that it was already running GPT-4, so this is no big surprise. However, it should be said that the new Bing is more advanced than GPT-4. Because Microsoft not only uses the GPT-4 model in Bing, but also added a combination of its own Prometheus model to the system to access up-to-date data.

A blog post by Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s corporate VP and Consumer Marketing Manager, confirmed Bing’s use of GPT-4. “Bing is benefiting from these improvements as OpenAI makes updates to GPT-4 and beyond.” uses expressions.

The new Bing for Microsoft didn’t go very smoothly at first. Bing, which is prone to some “hallucinations”, has been made more neutral after various limitations and enhancements. Microsoft had limited the number of queries as a solution, and now this limit is being increased. As of now, 15 queries can be made in one chat. The daily limit is 150 chats.


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