According to the new application of the Ministry of Commerce, passengers were prevented from bringing more than 1 tax-free mobile phone from abroad in 3 years. Foreigners were also included in this limitation.

Those who wanted to buy their mobile phones cheaper when combined with the tax, brought the devices into the country with them when they went abroad.

The Ministry of Commerce stepped in, limiting the entry of mobile phones into the country and increased inspections.

Another detail of the new application regarding the phones brought from abroad has become clear.

The limitation of bringing tax-free mobile phones from abroad more than once in 3 years, which the Ministry of Commerce put into effect to prevent smuggling, covers not only citizens but also foreigners.

Only 1 tax-free phone can be brought in every 3 years

The regulation, which has been implemented since November 1, also concerns foreigners who bring mobile phones from abroad. In this case, foreign passengers will now be able to bring only one tax-free mobile phone in 3 years.

Phone prices in Turkey and around the world

The iPhone 14, one of today’s most popular phones, starts at 31 thousand TL in Turkey, which is equivalent to 1.699 dollars. In the US, the iPhone 14 base model retails for a lower figure of $829. The same model is selling for $831 in Japan.

Ministry of Commerce and BTK act in cooperation

It cooperated with the Ministry of Commerce on the audit of the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK). Thanks to the inquiry screen created with the data network transferred by the BTK, the efficiency of the control and inspection processes at the entrance to the country has been increased.

Phones brought abroad need to be registered

Phones brought from abroad can be used for 120 days without registration. If the device is not registered within 120 days, communication is closed.

It is necessary to query the right to register through the e-government system, pay the tuition fee and complete the registration process.

If the fee is paid during the registration through the banks integrated into the system or the tax office, the registration process must be approved by returning to the e-Government registration page and the application tracking number consisting of eight digits must be obtained.

Foreign nationals can also register

Individuals over the age of 18 with a YKN (Foreigner Identification Number) can register via the e-government system with the e-government password they will receive from the PTT.

Fee for IMEI registration

The fee for the IMEI registration, which is obligatory to use the phone brought from abroad in 2022 in Turkey, will be charged 117 TL for new subscriptions, instead of 86 TL. The IMEI registration fee was increased from 2 thousand 6 TL to 2 thousand 732 TL.

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  1. Hello, Dear I want to bring 15 or 16 IPones to Istanbul . I want to pay all the taxes which you mentioned in your artical , which is 117 TL + 2732 TL = 2849 total TL for 1 phone. Where can I pay this tax…..At the airport or I can Pay in Istunbol city. thank you…very much.

  2. Hello! If I move to turkey for my bachelor’s degree (4 years), will I not have to pay tax on the phone I use these 4 years as one tax-free phone is allowed? And for example if I buy a new phone and leave the current one in my home country like a year into my degree when I visit, can I have the tax exemption on the first phone moved to the new one?

  3. Hello Mehmet,
    I’m flying on Turkish Airlines next week, from USA to India. I have a 21 hour layover in Istanbul during which I plan on visiting a friend who lives there (I’ve already obtained a visa).

    I have two phones with me which I plan on taking to India.

    Since I have such a short stay in Turkey (less than 24 hours), can I get in trouble for carrying two phones, and will I be required to pay customs in Turkey?

    Many thanks,

    1. Hello Kamran,
      According to the new regulation, 2 phones cannot be brought to Turkey from abroad. However, I think you will not use the phones you brought in Turkey. You will leave the country after 24 hours. I’m not sure you have to pay customs penalty in this case.

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