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The Investigation Deepens In The Bribery Scandal That Shook The EU!

The Investigation Deepens In The Bribery Scandal That Shook The EU!

Bundles of money were found in the house of Eva Kaili, Vice President of the European Parliament, who was detained as part of the investigation launched into the bribery scandal in the European Parliament and had made an ‘innocent’ statement the previous day.

The repercussions of the detention of many people, together with Greek Deputy Eva Kaili, Vice President of the European Parliament, in the raid last week are growing.

Bribery Scandal


The detention of 5 people, including Kaili, who was accused of lobbying on behalf of Qatar, which hosted the World Cup, and influencing parliamentary decisions, created a shock effect in Brussels. Kaili, 44, a Socialist Member of Parliament from Greece, served as the European Parliament’s Vice-President for Middle East relations. Kaili was removed from her post in a vote in the European Parliament yesterday.


While the decision on Kaili’s arrest is expected to be made today, Belgian and Greek media also shared new information with the public. Le Soir, one of Belgium’s most widely read newspapers, reported that together with Kaili, more than 1.5 million euros came from the house of former Italian MP Pier Antonio Panzeri. The newspaper also announced that only 600 thousand euros came out of Panzeri’s house.


It was stated that the remaining approximately 900 thousand euros came from the house of Kaili and his partner Francesco Giorgi. Belgian media shared photos of the money coming out of Kaili’s house, who said “I am innocent” through his lawyer yesterday. There are lots of gifts as well as coin packs in the photos.

Bribery Scandal


It was stated that the Belgian police took action after Kaili’s father was caught with a bag of money at a hotel called Sofitel in Brussels. Thanks to this development, it was also noted that the Belgian police were able to search Kaili’s house without any permission and lifted her immunity.

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