The Hot Weather Surprised Them Too! Ostriches Began to Lay Eggs in Winter

The hot weather surprised them too! Ostriches began to lay eggs in winter

The ostriches on the farm at Bursa Uludağ University started to lay eggs this year instead of the April-October period, as the weather exceeded the seasonal norms this year. This surprised everyone on the farm.

Academic studies on ostrich are carried out in the farm established in 1997 within the Faculty of Agriculture. Production is also carried out in the farm where there are 12 adult ostrich birds. An average of 400 eggs are taken per year from 8 female ostrich on the farm. Birds, which were supposed to lay eggs in April and October, started to lay eggs by mixing the seasons, as the temperatures were above seasonal normals in winter this year.



Stating that climate change affects all animal species, Bursa Uludağ University Faculty of Agriculture Department Head of Animal Science Prof. Higher in terms of fertility in the later period. The animals, deceived by the air temperature this year, started to lay eggs due to the fact that the weather was above the seasonal normals in winter. It’s not something we want. Since the fertility of the eggs taken in winter is low, the chicks that will hatch from the eggs do not have a chance to survive.



İbrahim Ak said, “It is not our desire to lay eggs outside of the normal season. It affects egg production during the normal season. Uncontrollable climate change also affects these animals. We will not see these eggs as breeders. We think. To make omelettes and eat them.”

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