The Habit of Procrastination Causes Serious Health Problems

The Habit of Procrastination Causes Serious Health Problems

According to research by Swedish scientists, people who have the habit of procrastination can have serious health problems.


A study published in JAMA Network Open evaluated whether students who tend to procrastinate are at higher risk of experiencing mental and physical health problems.

According to the news of Independent Turkish; The team, which includes researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden, recruited 3,525 student participants from 8 universities in and around Stockholm and asked them to complete a quarterly survey for a year between 19 August 2019 and 15 December 2021.

Habit of Procrastination

In the study, researchers rated students’ self-reported procrastination behaviors on the Swedish version of the Pure Procrastination Scale using a Likert scale rated from 1 (very rarely or not reflective of me) to 5 (very often or not always reflective of me). ).

The numbers were then summed to obtain a total procrastination score ranging from 5 to 25. Data from the students were then evaluated to determine whether procrastination was linked to worse health outcomes 9 months later.

Habit of Procrastination


After 9 months, 16 participants’ self-reported health outcomes were reviewed. These consequences include severe pain as well as mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms. These pains occur in the neck and/or upper back, lower back, upper and lower extremities.

Habit of Procrastination


Health outcomes reported by participants included poor sleep quality, physical inactivity, unhealthy lifestyle behaviors such as tobacco use, marijuana use, alcohol use, and skipping breakfast, as well as psychosocial health factors such as loneliness, economic difficulties, and general health problems.

Habit of Procrastination

The findings show that higher levels of procrastination are associated with significantly higher symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress after about 9 months.

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