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The giant whale exploded: The moments were recorded in seconds

The giant whale exploded: The moments were recorded in seconds

A group of fishermen fishing off the coast of California in the US recorded the second-by-second explosion of a dead humpback whale due to methane gas. The sea surface turned into a bloodbath as the carcass of the whale exploded.

Interesting moments were caught on camera off the coast of the US state of California. A group of fishermen hunting in the area came across a dead whale carcass. The fishermen recorded the second-by-second explosion of the dead whale due to the methane gas accumulated inside.


A group of whale watchers spotted a lifeless humpback whale in the Pacific Ocean and docked their boat next to the carcass. The fishermen started recording video footage of the moments when water and blood gushed out of the whale’s mouth. The giant whale exploded horribly due to the gas that formed inside it before it died.

The giant whale exploded


The internal organs of the whale, including the spleen, small intestine and stomach, exploded after the gas trapped in the whale’s belly was released.

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