The Geneva Motor Show Opened Its Doors Quietly: Only 8 Brands Participated

The Geneva Motor Show opened its doors for the 91st time. Once one of the most popular and prestigious auto shows in the world, this year the show is quietly welcoming visitors with a small number of exhibitors.

The Geneva Motor Show opened its doors in the shadow of its former fame.

The fair, which opened its doors yesterday and will continue until March 3, does not include major European brands other than Renault and Dacia. Japanese automotive giants such as BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz also announced that they would not attend the fair.

While only 8 car brands took part in the event, Chinese models stood out with their introductions.

The lack of interest in trade fairs is not only true for Geneva. During the Corona virus period, the number of exhibitors stopped and then decreased and turned to digital promotions.

According to experts, the fact that brands have to incur huge expenses to participate in such events is the main reason for the decline in interest in fairs.

It is possible that we will see similarly limited attendance at future events in Europe. Again, as here, it is expected that Chinese models will increase their interest in these fairs in order to expand into Europe.



Renault introduced its new electric model Renault 5 E-Tech Electric for the first time at the fair.

MG introduced its new hybrid model MG3 at the fair.

Again, BYD was the Chinese brand that showed great participation in the fair.




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