The French are furious at Macron

A poll conducted in France revealed that President Emmanuel Macron angered 7 out of 10 French people after his speech yesterday in which he advocated reform that would extend the retirement age by 2 years.

The French are furious at Macron

According to a survey of 1037 people, commissioned by the Elabe research company for the French channel BMFTV, the French did not find Macron’s thesis on the pension reform, which was passed without a vote in the Parliament, despite mass protests in the country, unconvincing.

She angered 7 out of 10 FRENCH

Participants think that Macron’s comments in the context of the current crisis will cause more anger in the country than calm. While Macron’s speech angered 7 out of 10 French people, only 11 percent of respondents believe that the French President’s speech will lower tensions in the country.


On the other hand, 65 percent of the French evaluated Macron as “bad” and 69 percent as an “arrogant” president. According to the survey, 73 percent of respondents think pension reform is “unjust”.


The pension reform, which is among the most important election promises of French President Macron, envisages extending the retirement age from 62 to 64 by 2 years. Since January, the French have been organizing mass strikes and demonstrations against the reform that has not been agreed upon in the National Assembly.

THEY DID NOT PUT THE Draft For Vote In The Assembly

The government, on the other hand, chose to directly accept the reform bill in line with the 3rd paragraph of Article 49, without putting it to a vote in the parliament, since it did not receive sufficient support in the parliament. Following the decision taken on March 16, protests began in France. Nearly 900 demonstrators were detained during the protests, where the police intervened harshly.


The reflection of the images of some journalists and observers being beaten by the police during the demonstrations caused reactions. Opposition parties applied to the Constitutional Council for the annulment of the reform, which was accepted without a vote in the parliament.

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