The First Guest Of The Eco-Friendly Library

“Pigeon” was the first guest of the environmentally eco-friendly library, which was brought to the school with the contributions of teachers and students’ parents who joined hands with the slogan of “zero waste” in Diyarbakir.

“Pigeon” was the first guest of the eco-friendly library, which was brought to the school with the contributions of teachers, students and parents who joined hands with the slogan of “zero waste” in Diyarbakir. Fuat Sezgin Elementary School, Dr. The teachers decided to create a library at the school by evaluating waste in order to instill environmental and nature awareness in children. Ads from AdMatic Teachers, including students and parents, turned unused or discarded apple crates into bookshelves, hangers into reading lamps, beverage bottles into pen holders, plastic caps on tables, plastic fruit crates on tables, fabrics and nets into bookshelves with pockets. The first guest of “Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin Zero Waste Library”, which was prepared to host “bookworms”, was the pigeon that entered through the open window and nested in the fruit box.

Eco-friendly library

“Kumru suits children very well”

He said that they created a zero waste library to raise conscious generations within the scope of the “Zero Waste Project” carried out under the auspices of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s wife, Emine Erdoğan. Demir said, “Normally, all the materials you see here can be thrown away, but we decided to evaluate them. Pet bottles, crates, worn table and table pieces and pieces of fabric that are not used at home, we created such a library from The Guardian. The first guest of our library was pigeons. He gets along well. He made a home.” He said that while we are raising our babies, we will also raise the babies of the pigeon. Project coordinator and classroom teacher Zekiye Tanboğa also stated that the importance of recycling is increasing day by day.

Eco-friendly library

“Every year, we prevent 17 trees from being cut down with a ton of paper. Who knows how many pigeons these 17 trees are home to. The pigeon, which is a guest of the library, helps us raise our children as conscious generations. It was a nice surprise for us too. Energy is something that is felt. He felt our energy. “She has two eggs. She will bring offspring. I hope we can raise pigeon chicks while raising our chicks here.” Arya İkra Dönegel, one of the students who contributed to the preparation of the library, stated that they are happy to create such a library. Dönegel said that they were surprised when they first saw the pigeon, which was a guest in the library. He stated that they would build him a house out of the box. Dönegel said, “Even though we open the window, he does not go out, he stands next to us. He feels safe with us.” Elif Gezer, on the other hand, stated that they evaluated the waste materials while creating the library and explained that the only thing they used as new was paint. could be,” he said.

Eco-friendly library

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