The First Domestic Locomotive Engine All Developed in Turkey

The 8-cylinder, 1200-horsepower Original Engine, developed under the leadership of TÜBİTAK RUTE, was introduced. It is the first locomotive engine designed and produced from scratch in Turkey.

TÜBİTAK’s Rail Transport Technologies Institute TÜBİTAK RUTE announced that it has developed a domestic locomotive engine. Developed with the cooperation of TÜBİTAK RUTE, TÜRASAŞ, Marmara University and Unusual Engineering, Özgün Motor draws attention as it was designed from scratch in Turkey and its license rights belong to TÜBİTAK.

1200 Horsepower

The first member of the 160 Series Original Engine Family, this internal combustion diesel engine has 8 cylinders and 1200 horsepower. While the engine produces 4,960 newtonmeters (Nm) of power at its maximum torque point, it is among the best in its class with its fuel consumption of 200 (gram kilowatt-hour) gr/kWh. Its environmental, efficient and sustainable structure meets global emission limits. In this way, it can be sold to various markets, especially the European market.

Unique 8V160B Locomotive Engine Features

  • Maximum Power: 1200 HP @ 1800 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 4960 Nm @ 1300/1500 rpm
  • Maximum RPM: 2250 rpm
  • Cylinder Diameter: 160 mm
  • Course Length 187 mm
  • Fuel consumption: 200 gr/kWh
  • Number of Cylinders: 8
  • Cylinder Displacement: 3.75 lt
  • Engine Displacement: 30.1 lt
  • Type: 4 Stroke V 90 degree
  • Compression Ratio: 17
  • Width: 1460 mm Length: 1750 mm Height: 1550 mm
  • Weight: 4500 kg

90 Percent Local

The engine was designed from scratch and 100 percent developed in Turkey. It has a total of 3,600 different parts. 90% of these parts are produced in Turkey. The serial production of the engine will be made by TÜRASAŞ.

There Will Be Three Different Versions

There will be three different versions of Özgün Motor, with V8, V12 and V16 options, producing up to 2700 horsepower. The V8 engine introduced today produces 1200 horsepower. Original Engine, which was developed for use in locomotives, can also be used in generators, business machines, land and sea vehicles.

Pointing out that Özgün Motor is performance and efficient, Minister of Industry and Technology Varank said, “Özgün Motor, which is a cornerstone in the development of the engine industry in our country, is more cost-effective, less fuel-consuming, more performance-oriented, compared to both its class and the locomotive engines in TCDD’s inventory. has a more efficient and environmentally friendly design.” said.

Stating that the preparations for the hydrogen-powered version of the engine have started, Minister Varank said, “We should not look at it as an internal combustion diesel engine. Our friends have already started working on the use of the same engine design with hydrogen. We can easily make this engine work with hydrogen. There are currently no commercially available hydrogen engines on the market. Turkey can become one of the leading countries here. This shows how superior the work we do strategically.”

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    1. Dear Xavi,
      Thanks for your constructive criticism and comment. Necessary updates will be made. With all due respect.

  1. Hello, it is evident that who wrote the article doesn’t know about engine technology, the fact that the engine is a V8 was clear only when the datas were mentioned. Also, there is some confusion in minister words, a diesel engine could work burning diesel or hydrogen and still be considered an internal combustion engine.

    1. Hello Luca Di Grazia.
      Thanks for your constructive criticism and comment. There may have been some translation errors in our article. Thank you for alerting us.

    2. I clearly saw it was a v8 by the picture at the top of the article, or mabe you clearly don’t know what a v8 looks like? Good write up with hp rating 1200 and torque rating 4960 nm,that’s all we need to know thanks

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