The Endangered Animal Was Seen in Sanliurfa!

A desert varan, which is known to be in danger of extinction, was found in Şanlıurfa. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry made a statement on its social media account and announced that the exhausted desert varan was treated by veterinarians.

The endangered animal, known by its Latin name as Varanus griseus, in Turkish as a desert varan or giant lizard, was spotted in Şanlıurfa.


It was noted that the animal, which is known to generally feed on spiders and the eggs of animals, was exhausted in the city. It is known that the desert can grow up to 1-2 meters and it lives only in Şanlıurfa in Turkey.


While the discovery of desert varan created excitement, a statement came from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on the subject. In the announcement published on the official Twitter account of the Ministry, “Desert Varan, which is exhausted and endangered, is being treated by our veterinarians. After its treatment, it will regain its natural environment.” it was said.

Here are the photos of the desert varan:

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