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The Cow Started Pretending To Sleep So As Not To Give Milk

The Cow Started Pretending To Sleep So As Not To Give Milk

When it was time to milk a cow in England, she started pretending to be asleep. The owner of the cow, who tries this way to avoid giving milk, does not insist on milking even though he understands the situation. The owner stated that he loved the bond he formed with the cow named “Doris” and said, “Doris has a wonderful personality, she is more human than a cow”. Doris is the only cow pretending to be asleep on a farm with 200 animals.

Realizing that Doris was pretending to be asleep to not give milk, the subject spread all over the world when the owner shot a video. First, the American press covered Doris, who pretended to be asleep.


Part of a herd of 200 people on a dairy farm on the Isle of Wight, Doris first appeared on a news show in the US and had more than 1.5 million views on TikTok. The video shows owner John Brodie trying to persuade Doris to give milk in cold weather. As all the cows leave to be milked, Doris stands alone in the barn and pretends to be asleep. Despite all the wishes of her owner, Doris does not get up from her bed and continues to pretend to be asleep.

The cow’s owner, Brodie, later said the footage showed Doris being “more human than cow.”

The video was shot at Reads Farm near Newport. Farmer Brodie said that he shot the video to entertain his wife, but he did not know that the video was uploaded to social media platforms.

After the cow’s sleep imitation video went viral on the internet, comments such as “I describe myself as Doris” and “Doris is my spirit animal” began to be made.

After this cute imitation of Doris, the owner became the center of attention of the press. CNN interviewed Brodie, the owner of the cow.

Stating that his cow always behaved “insolently”, the farmer said that the attention shown was “insane”.

According to the owner, his cow’s imitation of sleeping in order not to be milked also drew attention to the negative situation of the dairy industry.

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