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The Couple Who Traveled the World Doesn’t Want to Leave Turkey

Antonio and Ananda, who sold everything they owned and left Mexico for a world tour 8 months ago, took a break from their travels in Turkey, where they were fascinated. Their new plan is to settle in Turkey, which they define as ‘our home‘ after completing their tour.

Antonio and Ananda, living in Mexico, took the first step of their long-planned dream of traveling the world in December 2021. The young couple, who sold everything they owned and turned it into cash, traveled to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, France, Turkey and Iran, respectively. They were going to continue their travels after Iran, but their minds remained in Turkey. For this reason, they took a temporary break from their tour and returned to Turkey.

The couple, who produce content from the places they visit on their social media accounts, which they call ‘Listo Vamos‘ during their travels, define Turkey as ‘our home’.

They spent the longest time in Turkey

Antonio and Ananda, who spent at most a few weeks in the countries they visited, had similar plans for Turkey. However, his plans changed after seeing Turkey.

“At first we only came for 3 weeks and spent 3 months here. Because we have a beautiful family here. We went to Bursa, Çanakkale, Selçuk, Bergama, Antalya, Kaş, Alanya, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Kayseri, Cappadocia and Kars. When we started touring Turkey, we were alone, just the two of us. Çanakkale was really beautiful, we spent a short time there. But we started to make friends in Gaziantep. Travel changed when we started making friends, everything changed. That’s why we really liked Gaziantep. They were our first friends from Turkey.”

“We never thought we would find such a country”

Saying that he had almost no information about Turkey before, Antonio Outón was quite surprised after coming to Turkey.

“I have to admit, when we were traveling to Turkey, neither of us ever thought we would find a country like this. Because they do not teach anything about Turkey in the countries we come from. We only know where it is on the map. We came to Turkey and encountered a completely different reality, a completely different country, a completely different culture. That was great. When we first came to Istanbul, we were very impressed.”

“Everybody wanted to help us”

Ananda Ultra‘s mother tongue is Portuguese, while Antonio Outón’s is Spanish. Stating that the problem they experience in the countries they visit is mostly due to language, the young couple say that they are very happy because of the helpfulness of people in Turkey despite the language barrier.

“People don’t speak a lot of English. This is neither our mother tongue nor your mother tongue. But despite the language barrier, everyone in Turkey wanted to help us and that was very good.”

Dreams of returning to Turkey again

After spending 3 months in Turkey, the young couple continues their travels by going to Romania, and they still have Turkey in their dreams. Antonio and Ananda, who first want to complete the route they have planned, then aim to return to Turkey and build a life here.

“We plan to travel for 12 years. Then we want to buy a big house with a big kitchen. In Turkey, we dream of hosting our friends, cooking for them, owning our own garden and planting tomatoes there, adopting two cats and two dogs from the street. We love this place. The people here are very kind, loving, beautiful. It’s a nice place with Turkish people and good food. We recommend everyone to travel to Turkey.”

Source: TRT Haber

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