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The Coup Succeeded, Captain Ibrahim Traore Appears in Front of the Camera!

A meeting was held in the capital, Vagadugu, under the chairmanship of Captain Ibrahim Traore, who seized power in the African country Burkina Faso. Announcing that he had overthrown the government of President Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba, Traore made a speech in front of the cameras. Supporters of Captain Ibrahim Traore made a demonstration of joy in the capital Vagadugu.

Burkina Faso, a West African country that has come to the fore with coup attempts and military interventions in recent years, came face to face with a military coup that took place for the second time in the last year. Captain Ibrahim Traore and his supporters announced on friday evening that they seized the administration and suspended the constitution, claiming that Damiba’s support for the coup in January was insufficient in the country’s problems.

Damiba, who seized power by overthrowing the elected president last January, was thus removed from office with another coup within a year.


Following the military activity in Burkina Faso since September 30, supporters of Captain Ibrahim Traore, who seized power with a coup, held demonstrations of joy in the capital Vagadugu.


The coup plotters announced that until further notice, the constitution was suspended, the country’s borders were closed, the government was dissolved, a curfew was declared across the country between 21.00 and 05.00, and the activities of all political activities and non-governmental organizations were suspended.

The overthrown junta leader Damiba overthrew Roch Christian Kabore, who came to power in democratic elections for the first time on January 24. Like Captain Ibrahim Traore, who overthrew him, Damiba had used security issues as an excuse and seized power.

Roch Christian Kabore came to power with the elections held after the people overthrew Blaise Compaore, who ruled the country before him, and the military seized power for a short time.

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