The coast was closed in Sile: 28 artillery shells found in the sea

The coast was closed in Sile: 28 artillery shells found in the sea

Sofular beach was evacuated due to 28 artillery shells seen in the sea in Istanbul Şile. The governorship announced that the ammunition will be destroyed under control.

A person who entered the sea at Sofular Public Beach in Şile saw that there were unexploded artillery shells in the sea.

The citizen reported the situation to the gendarmerie teams.

closed in Sile


Gendarmerie teams removed the swimmers from the sea and the beach.

closed in Sile

SAS (Underwater Defence Group Command) Teams will detonate in a controlled manner

Underwater Defence Group Command teams dived into the sea and marked the location of the ammunition.

closed in Sile

It was reported that 28 artillery shells will be destroyed on Wednesday, 2 August.

closed in Sile


In the statement made by the Istanbul Governorate on the subject, the following statements were made:

“As a result of the image analyses conducted by the SAS Group Command of the Naval Forces Command, it was determined that the suspicious objects were artillery shells. On 30 July at 10:00, a dive was carried out by the SAS team of the SAS Group Command, at least 28 ammunition were detected at the location in question, and 8 of the detected ammunition, which could be taken ashore, were taken ashore by the SAS team to be transferred to the SAS Group Command for identification and destruction with the approval of the Şile Duty Prosecutor. SAS teams continue to carry out scanning activities in the area. The destruction of the detected ammunition will be carried out on Wednesday, 2 August after the necessary safety measures are taken.”

The coast was closed in Sile: 28 artillery shells found in the sea

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