The Best Aquarium in Istanbul

There are two famous aquariums in Istanbul: Turkua Zoo and Floria. Today we will talk about the Floria Aquarium. It can be called a modern landmark of Istanbul. Istanbul Aquarium opened its doors to its first visitors in 2011, and in this short time was able to compete with Turkua Zoo Aquarium. It impresses with its size, design and variety of inhabitants. Due to this, it is one of the largest and most beautiful artificial reservoirs in the world. The aquarium is located in the Aqua Florya shopping and entertainment center, so you can combine two pleasures at once. In addition to an artificial pond, the complex has a covered parking lot, an outdoor amphitheater with a capacity of 900 people, numerous cafes and recreation areas.

A walk through the aquarium sometimes resembles the adventures of Captain Nemo, then the incredible odyssey of Robinson Crusoe. The route stretches for 1.2 kilometers, which consist of 17 locations with different themes of the water world and one tropical forest, reflecting the living world from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

To be in the rainforest, you dont need to equip an expedition, because it is enough to go to the Istanbul Aquarium. On its territory there are almost real Amazonian jungles. In any case, the humidity, temperature and its inhabitants correspond exactly to the original habitat.

There are cute colorful and tiny, but very poisonous frogs; the smallest caimans in the world; insatiable sharks and malicious piranhas; dangerous anacondas – the largest snakes in the world; as well as outlandish colorful fish of all colors and shapes.

Floria deserves to be called “The best aquarium in Istanbul”, because it is not only interesting to see the inhabitants of the aquatic world gathered from different parts of the planet, but also to get useful knowledge about them.

Every day at a certain time in the aquarium, all visitors are invited to observe the feeding of fish. For example, you can see how sharks are fed every day at 11:00, except Monday, and you will be allowed to watch a crocodile eating in the rainforest on Tuesday or Saturday at 16:00.

For fans of extreme sports and those who prefer not to observe, but to relax actively, the Istanbul Aquarium offers a number of activities that will definitely be remembered for a lifetime. You can go diving with sharks, feed the inhabitants of the aquarium, take diving courses, have a meal on the background of the aquarium, or have a photo shoot with a photographer. In memory of visiting the aquarium, be sure to purchase a themed souvenir in the store located on the territory of the complex.

The cost of tickets to Istanbul Aquarium

  • Children under 2 years of age – admission is free.
  • For children under 12 years old, disabled people, pensioners over 65 years old and students – 150 tl (a corresponding certificate is required).
  • Ticket for adults – 180 tl.

You can buy a ticket online or on the website.

Opening hours of the Floria Aquarium

Floria Aquarium in Istanbul welcomes visitors on Monday-Friday from 10:00-19:00, on Saturday and Sunday until 20:00. We advise you to visit the aquarium on a weekday afternoon or evening, at this time there are fewer people and you will be able to see everything.

We definitely recommend you to visit the Istanbul Aquarium, you will remember this day forever. Everything is amazing here – both the splendor of the animal world and the human ability to create something incredible in a modern city. Words cannot convey the emotions that you experience surrounded by the water element, you need to see it yourself.

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