The Babies Of The Earthquake Survivor Couple Were Born In TCG Bayraktar

The Babies Of The Earthquake Survivor Couple Were Born In TCG Bayraktar

The second child of Açıkbaş couple, who was injured in the earthquake in Hatay, was born in the hospital established in TCG Bayraktar. While the couple named their children Hatice, father Murat Açıkbaş said, “For the first time in the world and in Turkey, a child was born on a warship.”

As a result of two earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, the house of the couple Murat and Merve Açıkbaş was also damaged. Pregnant earthquake survivor Merve Açıkbaş was taken to the hospital by ambulance when her labor pains started. Due to the earthquake that occurred in the city, the ambulance carrying Açıkbaş was diverted to the TCG Bayraktar ship, which was converted into a full-fledged hospital.


At TCG Bayraktar, where Açıkbaş came to give birth, Assoc. Dr. Hayat Kemal Akpak and Op. Dr. Umut Erkök performed a successful operation. Hatice, the second child of Açıkbaş couple, opened her eyes to the world at TCG Bayraktar. Expressing her postpartum feelings, Merve Açıkbaş said, “It was a surprise for us too. It was very beautiful and exciting.”

TCG Bayraktar


Expressing that they think he is the first baby born on a warship in the world and in Turkey, father Murat Açıkbaş said, “There was damage to the house we were living in. It was time to give birth. We entered our last month. We applied to the hospital in the center. It was full-fledged, he directed us to the ship. He underwent surgery. He was the first child born and in Turkey.”

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