Thales Mathematics Museum

Thales Mathematics Museum

Thales Mathematics Museum was founded by Başak Education Services on 27 May 2015. There are exhibitions not only related to daily life, but also related to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education. In these exhibitions, abstract mathematical concepts turn into concrete materials and visitors can interact with these mathematical concepts. During the museum tour, professional mathematics teachers tell stories and demonstrate proofs of mathematical theorems. It is one of the aims of this museum to convey to children finding new ideas and solutions with independent thinking. It is tried to make children love mathematics and raise awareness about museum visits. The Thales Mathematics Museum has a variety of materials suitable for different cognitive levels, from elementary to high-level mathematics. Thales Mathematics Museum aims to educate all visitors to improve their understanding of mathematics using their imagination. There are workshops and mathematical games for primary school and laboratory-supported training for higher level. According to the curriculum prepared by the Ministry of National Education in the Tales Mathematics Museum, there are materials on topics such as probability, Pascal’s triangle, series expansions, sum of consecutive numbers, parabola, prime numbers, circumference radius relation, cylinder radius relation, geometric proof of perfect square extensions. There are 1.5 hours of fun workshop activities for primary school students and 2 hours of guided educational tours for a higher level. There is also the Imaginary Exhibition of equations and algebraic surfaces in the laboratories of the Tales Mathematics Museum. In this laboratory, students for undergraduate and graduate education are supported by creating the topological surfaces of their equations. It creates a more independent education environment in the Open Air Science Park, and student-centered teaching methods are used instead of theoretical and memorization approaches.

The stories about mathematics are told with math educators who are experts in their field, and by thinking freely about the problems whose theorems are proved in a logical way. new ideas are produced and the possibilities of different solutions are explained. It is  tried to increase the love of mathematics in the children and to raise awareness of museum visits in them.


You can use these bus lines to reach the museum; 11, 403, 404, 405, 7, HAVAŞ-AYDIN

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