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Tesla Evades Police On Autopilot

Tesla Evades Police On Autopilot

A Tesla with autopilot mode activated in Germany escaped from the police for exactly 15 minutes. While it was determined that the driver was asleep, an investigation was launched against the 45-year-old person.

Law enforcement officers, who took a Tesla to their radar on the “A70” highway in the German state of Bavaria, determined that there was something strange in the driver of this vehicle. The driver was asleep and the vehicle was moving on its own with the autonomous driving system.

The 45-year-old driver, whose identity has not been released, did not react despite the warnings of the police. Following the Tesla, which was advancing at a constant speed of 110 km / h, the police managed to wake the driver after a 15-minute chase.


In the examination, it was understood that the driver exhibited abnormal behavior due to a drug he used.


Tesla’s autonomous driving system does not work when the driver does not hold the steering wheel. The system, which starts to warn at regular intervals, stops the vehicle by pulling to the right lane after a while. However, there are devices to fool Tesla’s autonomous driving system.


The police, which took action against the 45-year-old driver, launched an investigation on the charge of endangering road traffic. The decision of the court will determine whether the person whose license has been seized can drive again.

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