Tension Between Serbia and Kosovo; “One Spark is Enough to Ignite Everything”!

Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic made remarkable statements regarding his country’s tensions with Kosovo. Minister Vucevic stated that a spark in Kosovo can cause everything to move in an undesirable direction. On the other hand, explosions and sirens were heard in some cities in northern Kosovo yesterday.

Regarding tensions between his country and Kosovo, Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic said, “One spark is enough to ignite everything and move in an undesirable direction.”

Vucevic made statements on the relations between his country and Kosovo on a local television channel.

Underlining the tense situation in Kosovo, Vucevic said, “One spark is enough to ignite everything and move in an undesirable direction.” used the phrase.

Vucevic claimed that Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti made “moves that want to destabilize” and said, “This is a clear message that Serbs are not wanted there. His (Kurti’s) administration and policy is an organized terror aimed at ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. “

Stating that they are with the Serbs in Kosovo, Serbian Minister Vucevic said:

“It is not easy to explain to the Serbs in the north of Kosovo that while being humiliated and disenfranchised, they should remain calm and not come to provocations. Kurti’s biggest goal is to scare away the Serbs there.”

Noting that the international community constantly calls for “dialogue and normalization”, Vucevic said, “It is difficult to normalize someone who does not incline to normal behavior.” made its assessment.


Before the early local elections to be held on December 18 in 4 municipalities in the north of Kosovo, explosions and sirens were heard in some cities in the north yesterday.

The forces affiliated to the European Union (EU) Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) had increased their presence on the Iberian Bridge, which connects the southern and northern sides of the city of Mitrovica.

Officials of the Kosovo Central Election Commission (KQZ) went to their offices in the north, accompanied by Kosovo police, but were unable to enter.


The Kosovo government, in line with the principle of reciprocity to Serbia at the end of July, regarding the “issuance of temporary declaration forms to those entering/exiting Kosovo with Serbian identity cards” and “conversion of license plates issued by Serbian authorities to Serbs in Kosovo to ‘RKS’ (Republic of Kosovo) plates”. announced that the decisions would come into effect.

Serbs in Kosovo reacted to this and closed the border crossings in the north of the country, and tensions increased in the country.

The Kosovo government decided to postpone the implementation, which caused the crisis, until 1 September, provided that all the barricades placed on the roads leading to the border gates with Serbia are removed.

Lastly, the Kosovo side stated that the re-registration process of license plates, which they described as “illegal”, was postponed to April 2023, that the owners of these vehicles would be warned first, then fined, and finally the test plates would be placed.

The parties reached an agreement on November 23, under the mediation of the EU, to de-escalate tensions and move towards normalizing relations.

Serbia considers Kosovo, which declared its independence unilaterally in 2008, as its territory.

The Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Process, initiated in 2011 under the mediation of the EU, aims to normalize relations and ultimately recognize each other between the two countries.

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