Temperatures Will Rise! This Week The Weather Will Be Like?

Temperatures will rise! This week the weather will be like?

The General Directorate of Meteorology (MGM) has published a weather forecast report for March 20-26. In the report, he evaluated that the cold weather that has been going on for days will lose its effect, the air temperatures will return to normal levels throughout the country, and it will increase in the western regions. Here is the expected weather forecast in Istanbul, Ankara and other cities…

Rainy and cold weather has been effective throughout the country for days. Floods occurred as a result of heavy rains in many regions, especially in the earthquake zone. As a result of the flood, 18 people died.

Temperatures will rise

The cold weather is expected to lose its effect in the coming days and return to seasonal normals.


According to the 7-day weather forecast report published by the General Directorate of Meteorology (March 20-26), it is estimated that the air temperatures will increase throughout our country starting from the beginning of the week, starting from the western parts. As of Tuesday, it is generally around the seasonal normals in the western parts and above the normal in some places.

Temperatures will rise

While the rainy weather is expected to lose its effect in the Western regions, it is expected to continue its effect in the Eastern Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia.

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  1. Not sure my comment went through yesterday? I am wondering when everyone thinks the tulips in Istanbul will be at their peak glory next month? Early April, mid-April, or late April? I know they are staggered, with different types blooming early, mid-, and late season, but I’m wondering which time of the month should be the most spectacular, based on current weather predictions?

    1. Hi. We have noted the problem and we will prepare a content about the tulip festival in Istanbul as soon as possible. Stay tuned regards.

      1. Thank you, Gul! Looking forward to your report. I saw an article today saying the tulips are starting to blossom in Istanbul. Wonderful news! Is it only fritillaria that are blossoming, though, or is it actual tulips in bloom already?

  2. Can anyone tell me how the weather in Istanbul so far has affected the tulips? What day do you think will be peak blossoms? Will they bloom earlier or later than usual this year (2023)? I’m planning to attend the Tulip Festival at Emirgan Park on April 18. Do you think that will be too early for peak tulip blooms? Thanks for your help.

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