Telegram Transforms into OnlyFans! Shipments Can Be Made Paid

“Hidden” posts have been discovered in the Telegram messaging app. To see these posts, you need to pay just like on the OnlyFans site.

Telegram developers have released a special bot called @donate that provides a new form of payment for exclusive content. With the help of the bot, users will be able to hide the content of their posts (photo or video) and charge users who want to see it.

Currently in testing phase

The content of the hidden post is initially hidden by a standard messaging animation, and the amount to be paid to access the broadcast appears above the post. When you click on the content, a window opens with the amount and payment method, allowing you to pay with a debit card.

It is stated that the function similar to OnlyFans is currently in the public testing phase. Judging by the screenshots, payments can be made in each country’s own currency. According to the information received, users who want to charge for their posts will need to have at least more than 100 subscribers.

Ece Nagihan

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