Taxis in Istanbul switched to new fare tariff

Taxis in Istanbul switched to new fare tariff

The new fare tariff in Istanbul started to be applied as of 14 August. With the decision of UKOME on 8 August, the landing fee became 70 TL, the opening fee became 19.17 TL and the fare per kilometre became 13.75 TL. While there was a rush of passengers in Taksim before the new fare tariff, it was seen that some taxis proceeded without taking passengers, while others took passengers with the old tariff.

In Istanbul, a 51.52 percent increase was decided for transportation, and the new fare tariffs, which started to be implemented on 11 August in public transportation, were determined as 14 August for taxis.

On the night connecting Sunday to Monday, it was seen that some taxi drivers in Taksim did not pick up passengers, while some taxi drivers picked up passengers with the old tariff.

After the decision taken on 8 August, taxis switched to the new tariff at the centres that set the taximeter, and their taximeters switched to the new tariff after 00.00. With the new tariff, the landing fee, which was 40 TL, increased to 70 TL, the opening fee, which was 12.65 TL, increased to 19.17 TL and the fee per kilometre, which was 8.51 TL, became 13.75 TL.

Taxis in Istanbul


Taxi driver Ömer Oğuzhan said, “We have twenty minutes to the new tariff. The passenger continues at the tariff at which tariff he got on. We have to stop, switch off and switch on again. We cannot do that either,” he said.

Passenger Mehdi Rahman said, “If we can find a taxi, we are okay with the increases, but if taxis will choose passengers, if they will not take us where we want, if we cannot find a taxi, I think it is a bad thing. It was a chance to ride with the old tariff.”

Taxi driver Faruk Atar said, “It is 00.06 at the moment, the opening is 19.17, landing and boarding is 70 TL. It is ready for use after 00.00. We had it done 2 days ago for 1,950 TL, we haven’t used the taximeter yet. I hope for the best,” he said.


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