How much is the taxi fare in Istanbul?

How much is the taxi fare in Istanbul?

Taxi fares in Istanbul are on the agenda of citizens. It is wondered how much the short-distance fares, known as “land and ride”, will be. At the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) Transportation Coordination Centre (UKOME) meeting, the 57.07 percent increase proposal requested by IBB in public transportation was referred to the sub-commission for re-evaluation. So, how much was the taxi fare in Istanbul?

The claim that the landing fee of yellow taxis has increased to 75 TL has intensified in recent days. Stating that the taxi tradesmen are negatively affected by the increases in fuel, taxi drivers demand an increase. Here are the latest developments in the taxi landing and alighting fee in Istanbul…


UKOME Meeting was held at Çırpıcı Social Facilities under the chairmanship of IBB Deputy Secretary General Buğra Gökce with the agenda of increasing public transport fares.

At the meeting, Serdar Yücel, 1st Regional Director of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, proposed an additional agenda item for a 40 percent increase in public transport.

Gökce said that the additional agenda item would not be discussed on the grounds that there was an item on this subject on the agenda.

At the meeting where various agenda items were discussed, the proposal of IMM Directorate of Public Transport Services (TUHIM) to regulate public transport fare tariffs was also discussed.

Utku Cihan, Head of IMM Transport Department, stated that three parameters were mentioned about the increase in public transport and said that these are minimum wage, fuel prices and inflation rate.

Giving general information about public transport, Cihan stated that IBB has a 57.07 per cent fare increase proposal for public transport.

In this context, it was requested to increase the full electronic ticket fee from 9.90 to 15.5 liras, student electronic ticket fee from 4.83 to 7.60 liras, teacher electronic ticket fee from 7.09 to 11.13 liras, full subscription fee from 777 to 1220 liras, student subscription fee from 140 to 220 liras.


In taxis, it was requested to increase the taximeter opening fee from 12.65 to 19.87 liras, the yellow taxi distance fee from 8.51 to 13.37 liras per kilometre, the yellow taxi time tariff fee from 100.80 to 158.33 liras per hour, and the yellow taxi short distance fee from 40 to 70 liras with a 70 percent increase.

School bus fares were also asked to be increased by 57.07 percent, and in this context, the distance fee up to 1 kilometre was asked to be increased from 792 to 1244 liras.

taxi fare in Istanbul


In the personnel service, it was requested to increase the fare from 422 to 663 liras for minibuses with 10-17 seats.

In the minibus, it was requested to increase the distance up to the shortest 2 kilometres from 7 to 10.99 liras.

Speaking about the proposal, Eyup Aksu, Representative of the Federation of Drivers and Automobilists of Turkey and President of Istanbul Chamber of Taxi Tradesmen, talked about the maintenance costs and fuel costs of the vehicles.

Stating that he bought normal bread from Halk Ekmek for 3 liras yesterday, but today it is 5 liras with the increase, Aksu demanded a 100 per cent increase in taxi fares.

Yücel, the 1st Regional Director of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that a 32 per cent increase should be made as of this month, considering the minimum wage, fuel prices and inflation rate formula.

Yücel stated that the increase could be 40 per cent due to the change in fuel prices and that they made such a proposal for this reason, and said that it was not right to increase the public transport fare by 57.07 per cent at a time when the minimum wage was increased by 34 per cent.

Buğra Gökce, who took the floor again, demanded that IBB’s proposal be referred to the sub-commission and re-evaluated and asked for a decision on this issue at the extraordinary UKOME meeting.

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