How much were the taxi fares in Istanbul, is there a raise? Was the hop-on-hop-off fee 75 TL?

How much were the taxi fares in Istanbul, is there a raise? Was the hop-on-hop-off fee 75 TL?

There is a new price hike news about taxis, which is constantly on the agenda. It was claimed that the short distance fare called hop-on-hop-off in Istanbul was increased to 75 TL. So how much does a short distance taxi cost in Istanbul? Have taxi fares increased in Istanbul and Ankara?

The yellow taxis, which are not on the agenda in Istanbul, are also talked about this time with the news of a raise. The claim that the hop-on hop-off fare of yellow taxis has increased to 75 TL has created an agenda in the social media.

According to the allegations, short-distance hop-on-hop-off taxi fares rose to 50 liras in Ankara and 75 liras in Istanbul with the change.

Ankara Automotive and Chauffeurs Chamber of Commerce General Directorate stated that taxi driver tradesmen were adversely affected by the fuel price hikes, Mehmet Yeğiner said, “As fuel prices increased so much, our tradesmen became unable to make any money. We had to increase our hop-on, landing and mileage prices by approximately 50 percent. The hop-on hop-off fee will be 50 lira, the opening fee will be 18 lira, and the kilometer fee will be 15 lira,” he said.

Before the walk, the hop-on hop-off fee was 30 lira, the opening fee was 12 lira, and the kilometer fee was 10 lira.


It was claimed that taxi fares were increased in Istanbul after Ankara. While it was stated that the hop-on hop-off fee increased to 75 TL, no official statement was made about the hike.

IMM sources, who were asked about the allegations, stated that the taxi drivers may have requested it in the subcommittee, but there was no official decision, and pointed to the UKOME meeting to be held on 27 July.

taxi fares in Istanbul


With the last increase in January, the shortest distance fare of taxis in Istanbul was increased from 28 TL to 40 TL, the taximeter opening fee was increased from 9.80 TL to 12.65 TL, and the fare per kilometer was increased from 6.30 TL to 8.51 TL.

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