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Talking Avatar Era Begins With Google Vlogger

Google has unveiled an AI software called Vlogger that can generate animated video from a photo. This new AI model is particularly remarkable for its efficiency, but it also carries some risks. Here are the details

A vlogger can take a single photo of a person and turn it into an animated avatar. This avatar comes to life with animated facial expressions, gestures and movements. Vlogger is designed to create realistic avatars and can be used for chatbots, virtual assistants, virtual reality or computer games.

Vlogger was trained using the Mentor dataset, which contains more than 2000 hours of high-resolution video material. This dataset makes it possible for the program to adapt to various factors such as ethnicity, age group and poses.

The first test material looks quite realistic, and mimics and gestures can be animated using just one photo. It seems that the efficiency of the vlogger could lead to the easier creation of Deepfakes.

Such misleading videos and photos can spread misinformation. KI apps like Vlogger make it increasingly difficult to distinguish real footage from manipulated ones. This could negatively impact everyone, not just public figures.

While there are potential risks of misuse of this technology, researchers believe that the benefits of the application outweigh the potential negative consequences. With this new technology, Google is ushering in a new era in both virtual reality and digital content production.

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