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Syrian Doctors: Our Health Condition Is Out of Control

Health facilities are under pressure, officials said, warning of patients: “If supplies are not provided, they will be added to the list of other deceased victims.”

Earthquakes, the epicenter of which is Kahramanmaras, also caused heavy damage in Syria.

The health system in the country, where loss of life was experienced, came to the brink of collapse.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Syrian doctors say that the picture created by the earthquake in the northwest of the country exceeds the capacity of the health sector in Syria:

“Our health institutions were overflowing with patients”

The first 24 hours were the toughest. All our health institutions, from hospitals to health centers, were overflowing with patients. Many patients are hospitalized on the floor in the corridors.

“If the material is not provided, they will die”

Doctors, who said that most of the patients will recover if treatment is secured for them, said:

“Unfortunately, this area and the hospital are already suffering from shortages of supplies. These people survived the earthquake for now. But if the materials are not provided to them, they will be added to the other deceased victims.”

Medical Support Call

In the call made to the international community, medical supplies and aid were requested for hospitals in Syria.

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