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Surprising Underwear Theft in Nigeria! What did they do to the thief?

Surprising Underwear Theft in Nigeria! What did they do to the thief?

In the incident that took place in Nigeria, a teenager tried to steal underwear from the balcony of his neighbor, where his sister went to visit. When the woman noticed the situation and informed her husband, the people of the neighborhood gathered around. Learning that the man was not a thief but a pervert, the neighborhood took the person they robbed naked for a walk around the street.

According to the incident, which is stated to have taken place in Nigeria, a teenager went to his sister’s house as a visitor. However, at that moment, he saw that the woman’s underwear was hanging on the balcony of the next door. Trying to buy a few pieces of underwear without informing anyone, the young man was caught by the woman of the house.

Informed her husband

The screaming woman immediately informed her husband and other neighbors. In a short time, many people gathered in the area. People did not understand what happened at first, but the interesting fact came to light later.

in Nigeria


Hearing that the young man at the center of the allegations came to visit a house, the locals became even more angry. The people walked the streets for minutes after the young man they stripped naked. Those moments were reflected in the lenses of those around.

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