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Surprise Visit from US President Biden to Zelensky in Kiev

Just before the anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine war, US President Joe Biden visited Kiev and met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Biden surprisingly arrived in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, before his visit to Poland.

According to Ukrainian media, Biden met with Ukrainian President Zelensky at St. Michael’s Church. As Biden and Zelensky were leaving the church together, sirens sounded in the city at the same time.

Zelenskiy, in a photo post about Biden’s visit on his social media account, said, “Biden, welcome to Kiev. Your visit is a very important sign of support for all Ukrainians.” used the phrases.

In his speech in Kiev, US President Biden sent a message to Ukraine, “No matter how long it takes, it is worth fighting for freedom against Russia. We will provide budget support.” said.

“Today’s talks (with Biden) were very productive, very important and very decisive, the results will definitely affect the battlefield,” said Ukrainian President Zelenskiy.

According to local media, Biden paid homage to Zelensky and Mihayilov Square in memory of those who died in the war.

Both leaders met at the Mariyinskiy Palace, which belongs to the President of Ukraine, while Zelenskiy and his wife Olena Zelenska greeted Biden together.

The Russia-Ukraine war started on February 24 last year, on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It was announced that Biden will visit Poland on February 20-22.

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