Stunning Statements from Gizem Guven About Her Marriage That Ended!

Gizem Guven ended her marriage with her football player husband, Caner Turp. Gizem Guven, who was married to Caner Turp for only 2 years, made striking statements about her marriage.

Gizem Güven, known for her roles as Ceren in the TV series “Sihirli Annem” and Leyla in the TV series “Selena”, ended her two-year marriage with his football player wife Caner Turp. Gizem Guven, who was displayed at an invitation, talked about her ending marriage.


Gizem Guven, who now works only for social media and quit acting, spoke for the first time after the divorce process.

Guven said, “By God, I am happier now. We think that we have made the right decision. Normally, our communication is not bad and ugly. We consider ourselves lucky because such a situation does not exist.” Famous name, “Are you seeing?” To the question, he replied, “We do not meet, but we talk because our dialogue is not bad. We will not be able to get together again.”

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  1. Yalvarıyorum İngilizce öğrenin. Famous name “Are you seeing?” to the question, he replied nedir ya?! Oha yani sıfır İngilizceyle çeviri yapma kendine güveni!

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