Study in Hakkari University

Study in Hakkari University

Hakkari is located in the East region of Turkey. Here are the things that you need to know if Hakkari University is in your list. Hakkari University was established in 2008. Hakkari University has undertaken to raise individuals who contribute to the individual and society with quality education, research and service delivery, are open to innovations, closely follow scientific and technological progress, do not hesitate to question, are aware of the geographical potential of the province for the benefit of regional development and aim at sustainable production. Hakkari University aims to complete its institutionalization and attain universal values, while at the same time being a university embellished with the characteristics of the local that attaches importance to regional development. The university has five campuses, which are Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering ,Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences ,Faculty of Theology ,Faculty of Fine Arts. The University has two institues, which are Social Sciences and the Institute of Science.

The Main Campus:

Hakkari University has Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Theology , Faculty of Fine Arts. The main campus is located at 11 km away from the city center. It has two institutes, namely the Institute of Social Sciences and the Institute of Science. Approximately 2500 students receive education here.


There are 2 hostels and a dormitory of the Directorate of Credit and Dormitories Institution for the accommodation needs of Hakkari University students in the city.


Hakkari University is located in Merzan District of Hakkari city center. You can reach here by public transportation departing from the city center.

Prep. School:

The most important of the indispensable conditions of modern life is to be able to use a foreign language in the best way for both professional and personal purposes. In line with this goal, Hakkari University School of Foreign Languages aims to enable each student to teach and use at least one language, including professional and academic English, in the best way. For this purpose, it trains its lecturers in the field of vocational and academic English teaching, and also, the literature in the field of foreign language education is constantly followed and the contents of the courses are updated according to the characteristics of the programs and professional fields. The School of Foreign Languages conducts general and professional foreign language education in all undergraduate and associate degree programs of our university.

The Library:

Hakkari University; In parallel with following, understanding and interpreting international developments, it has adopted a universal perspective as an important principle. The purpose of the university; Embracing and assimilating universal values and national values together, possessing knowledge and skills appropriate to the requirements of our age, respectful to human rights, environment and democracy, devoted to social and cultural values, researcher, entrepreneurial, questioning and analytical thinking power, devoted to his profession and skills development. Many different types of books are available that students and academic staff of the university can use.

Get Direction

University Website: https://hakkari.edu.tr/

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