Study in Gumushane University

Study in Gumushane University

Gumushane is located in the inner part of the Eastern Black Sea Region, 100 km from the city center to the sea. If you want to learn more about Gumushane University, you can find the details about the university life  in this article. Gumushane University was established in 2008. Gumushane University has started to grow continuously since its establishment, and new Faculties, Schools and Vocational Schools and departments have been opened accordingly.

The Main Campus:

Gumushane University Campus

Social activities are organized to ensure that students develop happier, more peacefully and socially-culturally during their education. Social skills are improved by ensuring that students take on one-to-one tasks and responsibilities in the activities. For this purpose, great importance is attached to student clubs. It is aimed that each student contributes to the social and cultural life areas both in their own and around them by taking part in at least one club. In addition, aid activities carried out through these clubs develop students’ awareness of social responsibility.

Since Gumushane is a small province, students may encounter some deficiencies in terms of social living spaces. In order to eliminate this problem, the sports complex consisting of an indoor sports hall for 100 people, 1 football field, 1 tennis court, 1 basketball court, 1 volleyball court and semi-olympic swimming pool; Social facilities such as cafeteria, dining hall, hobby rooms and guest house were put into service as of 2012 in Gumushane University main campus.



Gumushane University is located in Baglarbasi District of Gumushane city center. The University is located approximately 4.5 km away from the city center. The students can reach here by local minibuses and municipal buses to reach here.


umushane University accommodation facilities are somewhat limited due to the structure of the city. Finding student housing for rent can be difficult and expensive. There are dormitories for girls and male students in the city center close to Gumusşhane University. In addition, State Dormitory serves for the students. The students can also find student hostels, student houses and student apartments in Gumushane city center.

Prep. School:

The Foreign Language Department was established under the Gumushane University Rectorate of Gumushane University. The department has started the activities of coordinating and conducting English lessons in the central units of our university since the fall semester of the 2009-2010 academic year. Affiliated with the Gumushane University Rectorate Organization, the Foreign Languages Department continues its educational activities with 10 academic staff.

The Library:

Gumushane University Library

In the halls where the libraries are available in the unit, there are three computers for catalog scanning. Readers browsing the library’s catalog on these computers transmit the requested work to the staff on duty at the counter and the book is delivered to the readers. Gumushane University Library has 450 double-sided and 91 single-sided open-shelf cabinets, and the library is currently serving with 44.140 printed and 141.292 electronic books. The library is designed that 650 people can study at the same time. There is a capacity to increase this number if needed.

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University Website: https://www.gumushane.edu.tr

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