Study in Gaziantep University

Study in Gaziantep University

If you are wondering about how the university life in Gaziantep and what the university offers to its students, read this article and get an idea about Gaziantep University and the university life in Gaziantep University in short GAUN. The university, named after the city of Gaziantep, which is a major trade and industry center in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, started its education in 1973 with the Mechanical Engineering Department established under the Faculty of Engineering of ODTU.  The university became a legal entity with the addition of various newly established faculties and schools in 1987. Faculties, Institutes and Schools of the university are located in 11 campuses, namely Gaziantep Central Campus, Naci Topcuoglu Vocational School, Oguzeli, Nizip, Islahiye, Nurdagi, Araban, Jarablus, Afrin, Azez and El-Bab.

The Main Campus:

Gaziantep University Campus

Gaziantep University main campus is located in Sehitkamil. The university supports all kinds of research and development activities at the highest level with its advanced library facilities, modern research laboratories and IT infrastructure that it offers to its students and all academic staff. Social and cultural activities continue at an increasing pace. Student societies contribute significantly to social and cultural activities with various activities, and many scientific meetings are held with the participation of well-known figures on economic, political and international issues that concern our country.


Gaziantep University is among the universities that do not have housing problems. The accommodation needs of students are met by dormitories affiliated with YURT-KUR. Private dormitories for male and female students close to GAUN also meet the accommodation service of the students.


Gaziantep University students do not have transportation problems. Municipal buses, public buses and minibuses are available from every district to the university.

Prep. School:

The school provides compulsory English Preparatory education to the students of the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Medicine (English), Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences, Department of English Language Teaching, Department of English Language and Literature.  Also, The school provides optional English Preparatory education to the students who study in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Whether the students are able to follow the faculty / department courses in terms of their English knowledge is determined by an English Proficiency-Exemption Exam. Students who fail in this exam are subjected to foreign language preparatory education. The students of the School of Foreign Languages are placed in appropriate levels according to the results of the “Proficiency-Exemption Exam / Placement Exam” given in September.

The Library:

Gaziantep University Library

Gaziantep University Library building has started to serve as the Library and Documentation Department in its new building  since 1995. It  is built on an area of approximately 7000 m2 within the Gaziantep University campus. The reader halls that the general collection is located are in the shape of 4 floors and each reader room has an average capacity of 100 people and can serve a total of 400 readers at the same time. Readers can benefit from the library between the hours determined during the education and training periods.

Get Direction

University Website: https://www.gantep.edu.tr

You can reach other universities in Turkey by this link: Universities in Turkey

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