Study in Duzce University

Study in Duzce University

There are so many criterias that you need to take into consideration before deciding the university that you will study. The things that Duzce University in short DU offers to students is the most important factor. If DU is in your list, read this article and get idea about studying in the university. Duzce University is a state university established in Duzce on March 1, 2006.

Konuralp Campus (the main campus):

Konuralp Campus is the biggest campus of Duzce University. Apart from this, the campuses belong to the vocational schools in the districts. In addition to its rich educational programs, the university offers its students a wide social world in campus environment. The campus is a living space day and night with its conference halls, event areas, dining halls, canteens and cafeterias, semi-olympic swimming pool, 1500-spectator capacity stadium, multi-purpose gymnasium, ATMs, photocopy centers, guesthouse, culture and arts days. You can have the opportunity to get in touch with people who have a say in their fields, to benefit from their knowledge and experience, to get benefit from them and to share your ideas with them during career days, national symposiums and conferences organized within Duzce University. While advancing rapidly towards becoming a world university in the process of international expansion, it also strengthens its educational, social, cultural and sportive infrastructure.


The distance between Duzce city center and Duzce University is approximately 13 km. Transportation to the city center is around 30 minutes. There are two separate campuses belonging to Duzce University. Both campuses are located in Konuralp. Those who want to come to the campus from within the city can use the Municipality Buses by checking the numbers at the stops between the Municipality and Shopping Mall. Buses make a ring between inner city and Konuralp and the stops are always on the right side of the road.


There are state dormitories in the city center and next to the Duzce University campus in Duzce. In addition, there are private dormitories in the city center and in neighborhoods with easy access to the university.

Prep. School:

Duzce University Hakime Erciyas School of Foreign Languages conducts foreign language programs and foreign language proficiency exams held for different purposes within the university. Foreign language education at DU is primarily an important tool for gaining an international quality to the university and for the students to realize their potential. As a result of gaining foreign language skills, and even during the foreign language learning process, meeting with different culture, literature and ways of thinking are invaluable personal development opportunities for the students.

The Library:

The Library and Documentation Department acts with the principle of continuous improvement and self-renewal. By following all the innovations and technological developments in the field of librarianship, it aims to ensure that the users reach the reliable information they need quickly and at the same time strengthens its infrastructure. Duzce University offers tens of thousands of books, periodicals, CDs and similar written and visual materials to online electronic resources for the students and stakeholder researchers.

Get Direction

University Website: https://duzce.edu.tr/

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