Study in Dicle University

Study in Dicle University

Here are the things that you need to know if Dicle University in short DU is in your list. DU is located in Diyarbakır. DU was established in 1966 with the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine under Ankara University and the opening of the Faculty of Science in 1973 and took the name of Diyarbakir University. In 1982, the name of Diyarbakir University was changed to Dicle University. DU, which aims to produce and use knowledge and to offer it to humanity in a local, regional and universal context; Over the past years, it has not only been a university that serves the region, but has grown stronger with its international success. The congress center, which has 5 separate halls, the largest of which has a capacity of 1500 people and a wireless simultaneous system that can translate in 6 languages, is home to many scientific, cultural and artistic organizations both nationally and internationally. In addition to these, Dicle University has all the necessary facilities for social and scientific activities with conference halls, student cafeterias, student canteens, indoor and outdoor seating areas, sports areas where students can relieve their stress.

Dicle University has approximately 30 thousand students and 3600 academic and administrative staff. It is one of the most important institutions of the  state in the region, which trains professionals in almost every field needed in the region, conducts research at national and international level and produces projects for both the region and the country’s economy. DU has set the goal of bringing students into society in the best way in the professional field as innovative, tolerant and socially responsible individuals.

The Main Campus:

Dicle University offers a very attractive university environment for students with its easy transportation facilities, rich social, cultural and sports activities, quality health services, bank, post office and wireless internet services on its campus which is intertwined with nature. Dicle University has large and modern sports facilities that can host national and international competitions, indoor sports halls with a capacity of 1500 and 500 spectators, fitness and wrestling training halls, Basketball, Volleyball, Football Fields, and Tennis courts, as well as Full Olympic and semi-Olympic open and Indoor Swimming Pools.


The accommodation needs of students studying at Dicle University are met by dormitories belonging to the Credit Dormitories Institution and other private institutions both on the campus area and outside the campus, which make you feel the home environment and family warmth.


Dicle University is located in Diyarbakir’s Sur district border. To reach here, you can reach directly from the airport by the bus line (Z2). Or, you can reach the city center with other shuttles. It is easy to get here.

Prep. School:

Preparatory class trainings at Dicle University are given in the School of Foreign Languages. Compulsory foreign language courses are given by the academic staff of the university.

The Library:

Dicle University Central Library has a closed area of 5000 square meters and provides access to visual, audio, printed and electronic resources that students, researchers and academicians need.

Get Direction

University Website: https://www.dicle.edu.tr/

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