Study in Cukurova University

Study in Cukurova University

There are many criterias that is need to taken into consideration before deciding the university that you will study. If Cukurova University is in your list, read this article and get an idea about studying in Cukurova University. Cukurova University Balcali Campus, which is built on 20 thousand decares of land on the east side of Seyhan Dam Lake, is a natural park area with its fascinating view. The university is among the few universities in the country with its modern infrastructure and modern facilities that will meet all kinds of needs of students and employees.

In Cukurova University, great importance is given to social and cultural activities as well as education and scientific studies. In this context, many cultural activities such as conferences, seminars, panels, congresses, symposiums, shows, exhibitions, theaters and concerts are organized. Also, In Cukurova University, which adopts the principle of keeping its students physically and mentally healthy, there are sports halls where all kinds of sports can be done, indoor swimming pool, football fields, tennis courts, open air volleyball and basketball courts. The facilities are also available to those who are not university personnel.

The Main Campus:

Cukurova University Campus

The main campus of Cukurova University is only 10 km away from the city center. There are modern classrooms and lecture halls that allow students to watch their lectures in a comfortable and healthy environment. In the campus there are lodgings, social facilities, guest houses, halls and fields where all kinds of sports can be done, a wellness center, kindergarten, market, cafeterias where students and employees are served lunch, cafes, kiosks and canteens, units that provide mail and telephone services, bank branches in addition to the most important hospital complex of the region. Thus, it is ensured that all the needs of both students and employees are met.


There are dormitories with a total capacity of 6,458 beds, 3,810 girls and 2,648 boys, affiliated to the Institution of Higher Education Credits and Hostels in Cukurova University and Adana city center, where thousands of students come for education every year. Apart from the campus, there are also private dormitories in the city center where opportunities for students are offered.


Adana is an easy city to reach. Cukurova University is located in Balcali, about 10 km north of Adana City Center. Access to the university is very easy, and there are regular minibuses, municipal and public buses from all districts of Adana to the university.


Students can stay in the dormitories of Adana Provincial Directorate of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution. Fevzi Cakmak Dormitory located in Cukurova University Balcali Campus consists of 6 blocks. In Ceyhan, Ceyhan Yurdu, which consists of three blocks, two for girls and one for boys, has the capacity to accommodate 171 female and 330 male students. Many students also prefer student houses due to the fact that Adana is a student-friendly city and affordable rents.

Prep. School:

The language of instruction in many departments and programs of Cukurova University is English. In order for students to follow the lessons, their English must be at a certain level. At the beginning of each academic year, exemption / level determination / proficiency exam is applied to all students. As a result of this exam, students whose English language level is not sufficient to attend classes in associate / undergraduate programs will improve their English by attending the English Preparatory Program before starting their first term in their faculties.

The Library:

The Library

The library serves in its new building with a closed area of 10.000 m² and a seating capacity of 800 people. In addition, it contributes to both the formation and the increase of service quality by carrying out the technical procedures of the library resources of the higher schools located outside the campus, in accordance with the library standards.

Get Direction

University Website: https://www.cu.edu.tr

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