Study in Cankiri Karatekin University

Study in Cankırı Karatekin University

If you are wondering about how the university life in Cankiri, you can find the information that you are looking for in this article. Cankiri Karatekin University is one of the 17 new universities approved by Ahmet Necdet Sezer in 2007. The university is located in Cankiri, which is located in Central Anatolia Region.

The Main Campus:

Cankiri Karatekin University is both a city and a campus university. Cankiri Karatekin University adopts the understanding of a “living campus” by paying attention to the academic and intellectual development of its students, as well as social development with the cultural, artistic and sports opportunities it provides. With Living Campus, students receive education on a well-equipped campus where they can access all their needs in terms of academic and social aspects at any time. In the campus planning, it is aimed to create environments where students can perform activities other than vocational education and raise them as individuals ready for community life. Students who choose Cankiri Karatekin University from different parts of the world experience different cultures and lifestyles on campus.

Student societies provide a dynamic campus environment with organizations and events that continue throughout the year. Apart from academic buildings, application and research centers, laboratories, workshops and studios, social service areas such as library, cafeteria, guest house, student dormitories, ATMs, food and beverage vending machines, photocopy centers, health units and information centers.


Within Cankiri Karatekin University, there is a student dormitory of the Institution of Credit Dormitories (KYK). There are also dormitories for girls belonging to the university. However, the number of students who choose to rent a furnished flat is quite high. The number and popularity of student apartments are increasing day by day.


Cankiri Karatekin University is located on the Ring Road in Fatih District of Cankiri city center. To reach here, you can reach the city center or by shuttles departing from the bus station.

Prep. School:

Lecturers collaborate in creating an effective language learning environment to provide academic support to students in different faculties and schools and to gain basic language skills in the  Foreign Language Department. Being aware of the need to evaluate and improve themselves, 3 of the instructors have completed their master’s degree, and 6 of them continue their academic studies. The department strives to diversify its foreign language courses in order to offer different language options to the students in line with current needs. In this direction, it is determined to continue development and progress.

The Library:

After Cankiri Karatekin University moved to Uluyazi Campus in 2014, the library has temporarily served in Central Classrooms. The library building, whose foundations were laid in Uluyazi Campus in 2014, were completed in 2016 and the relocation procedures were carried out. The library, the prestige building of Uluyazi Campus, serves all students and academicians with a usage area of around 7000 m². There are 3 group study rooms and 7 individual study rooms in the library. As of 2017, service is provided with around 50,000 books.

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University Website: https://www.karatekin.edu.tr

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