Study in Canakkale 18 Mart University

Study in Canakkale 18 Mart University

Canakkale is a student-friendly city. Therefore, it is among the most preferred cities by students. If you want to learn more about the university life in Canakkale, here are the things that you need to know. Canakkale 18 Mart University was established in 1992. There are 15 campuses affiliated with the university. 7 of them are in the city center. The main campus is TerzioGlu Campus, which is located on the 1st km of Canakkale-Izmir highway. Many faculties, high schools and units of our university are located in Terzioglu Campus. The campus is located just a few hundred meters from the sea, with its back to Radar Hill, buried in the forests with a very privileged natural beauty. Anafartalar Campus, located in the city center of Canakkale, mainly hosts the Faculty of Education, the State Conservatory and the Institute of Educational Sciences. The campus displays one of the best examples of city-university embrace. In Dardanos Campus, another important campus, there is no schools, and the area attracts attention with its application areas.

Terzioğlu Campus (the main campus):

Campus 18 Mart University

Many faculty units of Canakkale 18 Mart University are located in Terzioglu Campus. The campus is located on an area of about 3 hectares, only a few hundred meters from the sea, with its back to Radar Hill, and is in a very privileged natural beauty, buried in forests.


Transportation is very easy in Canakkale. The furthest distance from one place to another in Canakkale is 40 minutes by bus. In this way, you can go to your destination quickly without having any trouble in transportation. You don’t even need to use a bus in the city center. Because you can go to many places on foot.

The main campus of Canakkale 18 Mart University is located 3km away from the city center. Transportation is provided by municipal buses. The Faculty of Education is located in the city center. You do not need to use any vehicle to reach to the campus from the city center.


The city offers different types of options for the students. There are state and private dormitories. The state dormitory is located in Canakkale 18 Mart University main campus. Also, there are many private dormitories and aparts in the city center. Apart from dormitories and aparts, the suitable flats can be preffered.

Prep. School:

The School of Foreign Languages is located in Terzioglu Campus. Conducting Compulsory Foreign Language courses and vocational English courses, the preparation and administration of Foreign Language exams within the university takes place in the School of Foreign Language Preparatory Education. Advanced level English, German and Japanese lessons are given in Foreign Language Education departments, which the language of instruction is entirely a foreign language.

The Library:

The libray is located in Terzioglu Campus. The Library of Canakkale 18 Mart University is the largest library in Southern and Western Marmara. It  is one of Turkey’s largest university (academic )the library. Also, it is one of Turkey’s few libraries working 24 hours 7 days.

One of the best features of the library is that students can enjoy the amazing view of the bosphorus while studying in there.

Get Direction

University Website: https://www.comu.edu.tr

You can reach other universities in Turkey by this link: Universities in Turkey

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